Kidney Websites & Groups

Kidney Groups, Organisations and Websites

Below are a list of regional and national kidney groups or organisations where you can find more information regarding a health problem you are facing or just looking for general information on kidney health.  If you are looking for a general physician that specialises in kidneys and renal health care, please get in contact with Dr Richard Baer and his team to schedule a consultation. If you feel that we have missed an organisation or other kidney groups website please let us know so we can best serve people looking for information.

For Patients

Kidney Health Australia

Kidney Health Australia Fact sheets and other resources

Kidney Health Australia Facebook page

Kidney Support Network

The Department of Health – Chronic Kidney Disease

National Kidney Foundation (USA)

Diabetes Australia

National Heart Foundation

For Health Professionals

KHA website resources for Health Professionals

CKD management in General Practice 3rd edition 2015 (1.7MB)

CKD Go! App Free App for your smartphone to assist above guidelines and help personalise CKD Clinical Action Plans.  Available through iTunes and Google Play.

eGFR calculator
KHA website

Cockcroft-Gault Creatinine Clearance Calculator

KHA-CARI (Kidney Health Australia – Caring for Australasians with Renal Impairment) Guidelines for CKD, Transplant and Dialysis.

Guidelines for the management of the Absolute Cardiovascular Disease Risk 2012 (4.5MB)

General Practice Management of Type 2 Diabetes 2016-2018 (3.5MB)

KHA kidney fundraising walk - Dr Richard Baer

Kidney Health Australia Research Walk

Taking part in the KHA walk brings people together, raises awareness of kidney disease and fundraisers much needed money for patient support services and research.

I would encourage people to join with  thousands across Australia  who participate in these events, who will ‘turn red’, dress in costume and walk in honour of Australians affected by kidney disease. Everyone who participates has a different journey and a different story to tell. They might have been personally affected or they are there to support a family member or friend.

It is a really fun day and a great reminder that you are not on this journey alone.

“No man is an island”

– John Donne

Support, Education and Reassurance

Dr Baer and his team don’t just treat kidney conditions, we’re also here to provide education, support and compassion as we serve as part of your greater care team.  We work with your GP along with allied health workers to ensure your getting the highest level of care, service and information that we’re able to provide.

We understand that dealing with a kidney problem or a chronic condition can feel overwhelming.  The aim at our practice is to help give you answers and reassurance so you can enjoy the most fulfilling life possible!

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