Dr Richard Baer

Brisbane Nephrologist & General Physician

Brisbane Kidney Specialist & General Physician

Dr Richard Baer is a Brisbane Kidney Specialist and General Physician. Since graduating from the University of Queensland’s School of Medicine in 2000, Richard has worked throughout Brisbane and Queensland, with many years spent in Far North Queensland.

Richard and his team provide patient care in the field of nephrology (kidney specialist services) including all stages of Chronic Kidney Disease, hypertension, diabetic nephropathy and other nephropathies, dialysis and transplantation.

Dr Richard Baer, Brisbane Nephrologist

High Quality, Patient-Focused Health Care

Dr Baer places a high level of importance on educating patients so they understand their treatment, and the options available to them.  Richard works with patients, as part of their health care team, with a focus on making sure patients are well-informed and empowered with information.

Brisbane Kidney Specialist Education

Patients looking for information on kidney health care services and kidney conditions can use our section on common kidney terminology. Health Care Professionals looking for a kidney specialist consultant are encouraged to contact Dr Baer to discuss opportunities for consultation and collaboration.

Brisbane Kidney Specialist Services


Dr Baer provides patient centered care and support with a team approach and an emphasis on education.

Brisbane Kidney Specialist Resources


In our resources section you’ll find meanings for common medical terms, links to kidney websites and more.

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See where our practice is located, give us a call or make an appointment with us. We look forward to hearing from you.

Support, Education and Reassurance

Dr Baer and his team don’t just treat medical conditions, we’re also here to provide education, support and compassion as we serve as part of your greater care team.  We work with your GP along with allied health workers to ensure you’re getting the highest level of care, service and information that we’re able to provide. Learn more about Dr Richard Baer, his achievements, awards and education.

We understand that dealing with a kidney problem or a chronic condition can feel overwhelming.  The aim at our practice is to help give you answers and reassurance so you can enjoy the most fulfilling life possible! Learn more about kidney health or look up common kidney terminology related to kidney conditions and treatments.

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Dr Baer’s main practice is located at Wesley Medical Centre Auchenflower. He also has clinics at Mater Medical Centre South Brisbane and Mater Health Hub Springfield

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